Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Changing Face of Travel

     Traveling has changed so much over the last several decades…or has it?  We all assume that traveling is completely different from 30, 40, 50 years ago.  And while it’s true that we can get where we want to go faster and easier, travel habits tend to be pretty much the same as in the past.

    Typically, people still travel once or twice a year for pleasure, although the length of time we tend to travel has increased.  One of the biggest changes I see changing is how and why we travel.  We used to travel for events…weddings, funerals, family reunions, and although we still do that, now I find that people are traveling to really see the world, learn about different cultures, make new friends, try different foods, and come home with an experience.

    We’ve all heard stories of that friend who backpacked through Europe after college graduation, or wandered through South America with just what they could carry.  With the popular TV show, The Amazing Race, we have had the opportunity to see interesting parts of the world and experience the culture of that region.  So it’s not surprising that I have requests for similar types of vacations, although with a little more planning and comfort.

    One of the travel growth trends I have seen is in group travel.   Although I still book the honeymoons, anniversaries, and family vacations, it seems that the trend is to travel with others.
    Family vacations now have turned into family reunions.  Honeymoons and anniversaries now tend to include extended family.  The biggest increase I find are in niche groups.  Girlfriend Getaways are common, and even sometimes a guy’s trip.  Businesses are getting into the game as well, with company incentive trips, business conventions, and seminars abroad.

    One of my biggest niche groups is quilting cruises.  I organize approximately 6-7 quilting cruise retreats annually, sailing to various destinations.  The quilters spend their days at sea creating works of quilted art, and their time in port exploring the destination.  I hire an educator who provides a newly designed quilt kit, and teaches the students new techniques.  This has lead me to art workshop cruises, quilters traveling to festivals in London, photography trips, etc.

    Whatever type of travel you are interested in, I am here to help make it easy and stress-free.  Call me for a free consultation.