Saturday, December 30, 2017

EcoTourism – Helping others through Travel

As I have traveled with my children, I have made a point of helping them recognize and hopefully appreciate the life they have been blessed with.  We have met so many in other countries who have so much less than we have.  When we travel, we always try to leave our mark on the region in any way we can.  We always try to buy souvenirs from the local people rather than the “Made in China” shops.  We talk to the local children and sometimes bring them small gifts like pencils, coloring books and toothbrushes.  We donate when possible to local schools.  These opportunities abound in many areas of the world if you just look for them.

Volunteer Travel and EcoTourism is fast becoming popular both with those who are well-traveled, as well as with the younger millennial generation.  The skills and experiences guests have during their travels will create memories they will have forever, and may help shape their lives for years to come.

Travel changes people, and people change the world. As an agent of change, you have the power to change people’s lives for the better every single day.”  Bruce Poon Tip – founder of G Adventures

G Adventures main focus is Sustainable Travel by creating travel opportunities that minimize the impact travelers have on the destinations they visit by promoting sustainable solutions and economic growth for communities.  They work with the Planeterra Foundation, the Born Free Foundation, National Geographic and the Jane Goodall organization to provide opportunities all over the world that help with animal welfare, disaster relief, rural community projects and using local guides for tours so the funds stay local.

At G Adventures, you can choose to head off on your own to explore independently, or you can be part of a small international group.  You can stay in a local house or hotel, or sleep under the stars for a more tranquil setting.  You may travel by tuk tuk, rickshaw, camel, train – variety abounds.

If you want to step off the beaten path and try something out of the ordinary, I can help you find the opportunity that works best for you.  Together we can make the world a better place.

Michelle Jackson
Travel Adventures by Michelle

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Mix Business with Leisure

Remember the phrase:  “Don’t mix Business with Pleasure”?  This phrase is not so true anymore.  In fact, it is quickly becoming a common occurrence.  So much so that it now even has a name – Bleisure! 

In a report by GBTA (Global Business Travel Association), it is reported that 37% of business travelers extended their work trip into a leisure vacation.  GBTA finds that Bleisure travelers took 7 work trips this past year.  44% took their families along.

Are there benefits to enjoying Bleisure travel?  Absolutely.  Those who take Bleisure trips are found to work more effectively, enjoy less stress during business travel, and relax more while away from home.  They also realize the benefits of spending quality time with their significant other or their families.

Kelly Phillips, senior VP of Global Engagement and Strategic Accounts for Hilton states, “Business travel is a lifestyle for many of our guests and we’re seeing a growing desire by these travelers to add a leisure component to their trip and experience the destination beyond the meeting room.”

Imagine spending some extra time in Seattle visiting the amazing restaurants they have in the area, or enjoying the beaches of Florida on an extended Bleisure trip.  Where will you be traveling next?  Let me help manage your business and leisure trip and imagine yourself on your next stress-free Bleisure vacation.

Michelle Jackson
Travel Adventures by Michelle