Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Changing Lives in Kenya – one Safari at a time!

I was so blessed with a chance encounter with a great family living here in Little Valley and have enjoyed getting to know them and learn about their busy lives.  With 3 little children keeping them on their toes, it’s amazing that they have time to work towards helping others, but they are making it work.

George and Mekenze Limiri have lived in Little Valley for two years and love everything about this community. They met each other through a mutual friend almost 6 years ago and will celebrate their 5 year anniversary this December. They have 3 kids, Lukas age 4, Londynn age 2, and Liam who is 10 months. Mekenze was raised here in St. George and George was born and raised in Kenya. 

George and Mekenze are full time entrepreneurs who love working from home with their kids by their side. They are independent distributors for Isagenix, a health and wellness company. They also own a Safari business. This business is especially close to their hearts because of their love for Kenya.

They plan to relocate to Kenya full time in December 2018, where they will launch multiple businesses which will create job opportunities for people in the rural areas. The creation of jobs will help people to be self-sufficient and provide stable incomes for their families. 

Michelle at Travel Adventures is hosting a Kenyan Safari with George as our guide and would love for you to come with us.  My favorite part of working with George and Mekenze is that about 80 % of the package price will go directly to the locals we are working with.  The hotels in which we will be staying are Kenyan owned, and we will do our best to find a Kenyan owned hotel in Nairobi as well instead of a big corporate owned one. The remaining 20% will go toward creating businesses for example, an agri-business which will provide food and jobs simultaneously for the locals. So truthfully, very near 100% of the money will go into the local Kenyan communities. 


Join me on this once-in-a-lifetime 10-day Kenyan Safari trip, knowing that you are also helping change the lives of those you meet along the way.

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